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The Facts on a Food Diary


I get mixed reviews from clients about keeping a food journal. Some clients find it very helpful in terms of bringing more awareness and mindfulness to their eating habits. Other clients find keeping a food log to be stressful and “unrealistic.” That’s why nutrition counseling is customized. Not every method is going to work for everyone.

Here is my take on food diaries:

  • Keeping a food diary can help bring awareness to your eating patterns as well as certain foods that may not agree with you or cause digestive issues.
  • We often eat mindlessly, even though we may not actually be hungry. A food diary gives us some structure and accountability.
  • At the beginning of a nutrition program, it is best to keep a food journal daily, however once you get into more of a routine with your eating habits, you may not have to be so strict with keeping one.
  • No need to have an “all or nothing” attitude about keeping a food journal; for instance, if you find weekends are more of a challenge for you than weekdays, try logging your intake just on weekends. If dinner and evening snacking is an issue for you, start tracking your intake after lunch.

Do I think it is realistic for someone to keep a food diary every day for the rest of their lives? No. But, I do think that at the beginning of a nutrition program, it can be helpful for changing old habits and developing new ones.

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xo, Juliana